Great Divide

After much debate and research I think the ‘Great Divide‘ in the USA is floating to the top of  my ‘2013 long ride’ shortlist. Starting in Helena Montana I’ll follow the USA section of the route to Poncha Springs, Colorado where I’ll turn west to skirt the top of the Grand Canyon before heading south to Phoenix Arizona to the end of my ride. The total distance will be approximately 2000 miles which I reckon will take me about 2 months.

The majority of the route is off-road and away from civilisation, because of this I’m rapidly finding out that organising the event is a bigger deal than I thought it would be. I’m very much of the lets just do it school; however the long riding distances and remoteness of the trail are impacting my familiar casual approach!

My plan:

  1. Take the train from my home in Brighton, UK to London Heathrow.  There are no direct flights to Helena from the UK, after checking options and prices; London Heathrow to Seattle then Seattle to Helena Montana.
  2. My Great Divide start point. Helena, Montana.
  3. Ride my mountain bike off-road from Helena to Phoenix
  4. My Great Divide end point. Phoenix, Arizona. There are plenty of daily direct flights from Phoenix to London Heathrow.
  5. Take the train from Heathrow to Brighton and home.

5 steps – how hard can it be?


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