Great Divide Gear


What do I need to take.

Check List – Things I’ve got

  • Bike. I’m thinking I’ll take my On One 456ti. I’ve used this bike for 3 years, its strong, fits me perfectly and is compatible with rear racks.
  • Cycling clothes. Padded shorts, merino shirts, insulated leggings, waterproof jacket and trousers, Buff’s, cycling hat, sun glasses and shoes.
  • Wash bag. Washing stuff and medication with lightweight micro-towel.
  • Camera. Canon powershot.
  • Sleeping bag. Lightweight, packs small and is very warm.

Outstanding – Things I need to get

  • Bike rack / panniers. I think strong, robust and compatible with disc brakes and rotors.
  • Waterproof pannier bags. I will sacrifice robustness and waterproofness for lightweight
  • Tent. Lightweight, easy to erect and fully weatherproof.
  • Cooking equipment. Lightweight and packing very small
  • That’s about it for the important bits.

Options – Should I take?

  • Hiking boots, trainers. Useful for off the bike but heavy and take up loads of space.
  • Off bike clothes. Trousers and ‘T’ shirts. Need very lightweight and pack very small.

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